Wedding Anniversary Names

by Carol J. Dunn
Wedding anniversaries are generally a time for celebrating the date you were married. There are traditional anniversary names that have been passed down through the ages and also modern names that have a more contemporary feel to them. Many of these names are then associated with gifts given on the appropriate anniversary that corresponds to the name. For instance, diamond jewelry is often the present given for the tenth wedding anniversary.

It is wonderful to use your imagination to create the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse. For instance, if you chose a traditional gift for your first anniversary (paper), the gift could be a stock certificate, personalized stationery, a magazine subscription or the map to a city you will go to as a vacation/anniversary gift (along with airplane tickets which are also paper). If you are lacking funds, a card or letter telling how much your spouse means to you and listing all the wonderful reasons you love him/her would be as much appreciated as the most expensive gift.

If you went with the modern name of clocks, you could give an engraved wrist watch, a grandfather clock, or even a trip to the Clock Museum in Rockford, IL. You are only limited by your imagination and pocket book.

Some people celebrate a variety of anniversaries besides weddings. Domestic partners may celebrate the date they met or moved in together or had a committment ceremony. People may celebrate number of years on a job they like or the anniversary of stopping drinking or smoking. Although these names below are linked with weddings, you may want to piggy-back other occassions to give gifts and even make up your own list of appropriate names which could be more fun than using either the traditional or modern names.


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The following is a table of both the traditional and the modern names generally given to wedding anniversaries.


FirstPaper or Plastics Clocks
SecondCotton or CalicoChina
ThirdLeatherCrystal, Glass
FourthLinenElectrical Appliances
SeventhCopper or WoolDesk Sets
EighthBronzeLinens, Laces
TenthTin, AluminumDiamond Jewelry
EleventhSteelFashion Jewelry
TwelfthSilkPearls, Colored Gems
ThirteenthLaceTextiles, Furs
FourteenthIvoryGold Jewelry
FifteenthCrystal, GlassWatches
SixteenthPeridotSilver Hollowware, Sterling or Plate
EighteenCat's EyePorcelain
Twenty-fifthSilverSterling Silver
Thirty-fifthCoral, JadeJade

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